Monday, January 28, 2013


As mentioned, one of the major Invisible Primary players is outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Last night, Clinton took to the airwaves with the boss to show her moxie and denounce any hint that she was contemplating 2016. The venerable 60 Minutes featured a happy sit-down with Clinton and Obama, two people who have worked well together despite a nasty primary fight 4 years ago. This interview was deemed so newsworthy as to attract preemptive attention from the Sunday morning newsmaker shows, but worry not: The pundits cloaked their "she's running!" excitement in a more staid "it's all about Syria" narrative. At least they are trying to look pensive.

The big question on everyone's mind (and by "everyone," clearly I mean "Joe Biden") is this: What about Joe Biden? His name was not mentioned in the 60 Minutes piece, and one could gather that the president gave some thought into this rather unprecedented atta-boy (atta-girl?) that the POTUS-Sec State interview gave to Hillary. At least over on NBC (as it is wont to do), SNL included a Biden tribute that straight-up framed the Veep as a candidate... Maybe not the best candidate, but a 2016 candidate none the less.


  1. It is interesting to note that media outlets have yet to discuss the unorthodox path of going from State to the Presidency. It has not occurred since the mid-19th century when James Buchanan became president in 1857 (also of note: Buchanan is only president from Pennsylvania, note Mrs. Clinton's connection to Scranton, and the only life-long bachelor to serve as president, feel free to draw your own conclusions). I suppose with have three years and 350+ days to discuss and debate this scenario; however, because State is seen as largely bipartisan and apolitical, one wonders if the sheen will wear off once Clinton embroils herself in the day-to-day domestic policy issues.

  2. Ole Joe is probably considered the Dick Cheney of the Dems. They think he might have a chance, but he has eiter done too many crazy things, or will have to proove himself a capable candidate before he is even mentioned before Hil-dog. We will have to see, but I think we will have another open election by then.

    1. The old sexist slam: any female you do not agree with is a dog (bitch)! I had hopes that this blog was a intellectual discussion, not just jingoisms.

  3. As you can tell by our posts, this blog is intended to be a scholarly and objective view of the Invisible Primary. We do not intend for our posts, or the replies to our posts, to devolve into name calling or ideological slurring. Accordingly, we urge you to keep posting, but keep an eye on the way you frame your arguments to keep up a positive flow of conversation. Though we have no intention of rigorously policing everything written here, we retain the right to remove any derogatory or inflammatory comments.

  4. I have no intent to be derogatory at all. Assuming that is not helpful in any intellectual discussion. Although I understand your sentiment, and future expressions of certain thoughts will be reconsidered. I was just providing an unabashed point of view.