Saturday, February 16, 2013

Becoming More Visible...

The CPAC schedule is out! Let the Invisible Primary become a wee bit more visible...
For those who don't know: CPAC is the Conservative Political Action Conference which is held every year in DC. It's where the elites on the right meet up with the under-21 presidents of the Young Americans For Freedom chapters and where conservatives of all ages get a front row seat to hear from the new wave of heroes.

CPAC has long been a stomping ground for those who want to be president, and if given a pole position for the festivities, there is an indication that a speaker is a worthy candidate to monitor. Hence, the Invisible Primary in action! Let's hope there is enough water on hand for Marco Rubio.

OK. I actually do research on satire and so I must (must!) link to Letterman's Top 10 Marco Rubio post-SoTU speech catastrophe and to Colbert's send up as well. Was it that bad? Maybe not.... but I maintain that if the zeitgeist says it sucked, then it did, and nothing says "suck" more than easily-sent-and-forwarded mockery. When you made a mistake, did every late-night comedian make fun of you in a way that Google ranks it first? OK then.

But back to business. CPAC is in DC March 14-16 and the town is going to be over-run by white guys in red ties looking for economic liberty and camera time. Not necessarily in that order. Who is on the super-duper "look at ME!" guest list? Well, we have the expected: Marco (Where's My Water?) Rubio, Rand (Kill the Fed but Note My Jaw) Paul, Paul (It's the Budget, Stupid!) Ryan, plus Sens. Pat Toomey, Mike Lee, and former Sen. Rick Santorum who are all super-duper proud to be Americans, where at least they know they're free. Also joining the crowd is former Gov. Jeb (change the narrative!) Bush and Sen. Ron (No Hillary!) Johnson. See what I mean? The place is running amok with wannabees. Makes me want to cue the Spice Girls music.

But 'tis the season for the I.P.  This will give them the platform to pontificate and the mechanism to recruit volunteers. Obama proved it's all in the ground game: Here goes the team selection!

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