Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nothing visible. Or even invisible!

Ah, Sundays.
For the Punditocracy, it's the chat-show circuit, for those in fly-over country it's football. Today is the Super Bowl and the third day to watch "House of Cards," and seemingly few exciting I.P. folks felt the need to compete with such fun to make a go at the "Look at ME!" games afoot. Ostensibly the chattering class is tres busy with frivolity to contemplate an election three years away.

And thus... a quiet weekend for the Invisible Primary. The Sunday Morning Newsmakers featured... a whole bunch of people whose job titles included the word "former,"  none of whom is seriously contemplating a run at anything more exciting than a book contact. Trust me, in the perilous publishing period a book contract is nothing to sneeze at, but when the line-ups include former DC School Chief Michelle Rhee and former Labor Sec. Elaine Chao, the only thing for an IP fan to do is watch game-tape of Hillary's farewell address to the Staties.


So because we can, let's move beyond the scope of this blog to something rogue: "House of Cards!" Seriously, if this gets my blogger's license revoked it is worth it if only to INSIST that you immediately subscribe to Netflix and download the series as soon as is possible. I am not given to hyperbole (and if you knew me, you'd know that was as far from the truth as anything. I hyperbole more than any other girl on the face of the planet. HA!) but this show is a real game changer. First: It's brilliantly written and masterfully acted, which is sort of commonplace these days when "Downton Abby" captures the attention of the very, very mainstream general public. But also -  it's produced by Netflix (which is a new thing on its own) and ... wait for it... the whole season is released immediately. This is going to change the very nature of "television" (or whatever we will call it) because it rejects the standard TV cycle and the need for "Last week on Blah Blah" updates. So, it's a game changer in its format. But perhaps most importantly and more to the point of this blog, the show is revolutionary in its wink-and-nod reality of the workings and machinations of DC. If you work or ever worked in DC, you know these people. You dated these people. You ARE these people. And for that, it is fabulous. Clutch-the-pearls, swoon on your toes fabulous.

So in the in-between-times of the Invisible Primary, don't rest on your laurels and hope for greatness. Just stream it from Netflix and thank me later.


  1. I too disdain hyperbole, however this post clearly elevates all public discourse and gives me hope for the future of the World Wide Web.

  2. I could ask when you became a shill for Netflix but it detracts from the only question that matters- what are you wearing?