Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Update on the Iowa Senate Race

Though this is hardly breaking news, Secretary of Agriculture (and popular former governor) Tom Vilsack has indicated that he has no interest in running for Senator Harkin's seat.  This despite a serious advantage he had in very low negatives amongst Iowa voters.  Bruce Braley, the only announced candidate, is seemingly standing alone.  The two other Democrats that were in the best position to make a run, Rep. Dave Loebsack and former Rep. Leonard Boswell, have quickly endorsed Braley's candidacy, which in all likelihood will forestall a real nomination contest.  As for other buzzed about folks: Sec. Vilsack's wife, Christie, who gave Steve King his toughest reelection bid to date, has also removed herself from the offing; and former governor Chet Culver has made no indication, but his failed reelection bid (just shy of 10 points) would probably give him serious pause to run.

It would seem then that the Democrat's invisible primary may have sorted itself out in a matter of a couple weeks.  The quick response from the NRSC claims that the choice was the most ideologically extreme between Braley and Loebsack; a laughable accusation considering the dw-nomiate scores of -.36 and -.357 respectively.  But, who'd expect the NRSC would be a reliable source for such things?  If quick triangulation is an indication of a strong party organization, Iowa Democrats would seem have themselves a healthy party network right now.

Now we'll play the waiting game for the Republicans.  Given the personalities involved, I don't think they'll sort themselves out quite as quickly...

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